Homefront (2013)

N. Title Performed by Written by
1 I Got Mine The Black Keys Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney
2 Lust Waterknot Asaf Sagiv
3 Color Me, Color You
4 Sunshine Band Lloyd Conger Lloyd Conger
5 Mon Couer
6 Hideaway Jay Ramsey Gerald Hugh Ramsey
7 Nothing Left to Burn Logan Mader, Jussi Ilmari Karvinen and Chelse Davis Logan Mader and Jussi ilmari Karvinen
8 Bringing It Home Performed by Sandy Szigeti
9 FBI The International Swingers Gary Twinn, James Stevenson, Glen Matlock, Clem Burke
10 Like a Taste Latch Key Kid Gavin Heaney
11 Jesus Love Me (Why Don’t You) Scott Ellison and Terry Lupton
12 Smile Shyboys David Baerwald, Rick Bostone

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